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Dust Bathing Chickens Get Dirty to Get Clean

Dust Bathing

If you’ve never seen a chicken dust bathing, the sight can give you quite a shock. Lying in the dirt while vigorously twitching its feet and flopping its wings, the chicken first looks like it’s having an uncontrollable fit. Then it lies perfectly still in the hole it just dug, looking like death itself. Go […]

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How Many Chicken Breeds Are There?


No one knows how many different chicken breeds exist in the world, because no one keeps track. Wikipedia estimates hundreds. In her book The Behavioural Biology of Chickens, Professor C.J. Nichol of the University of London has counted more than 500 “fancy breeds” worldwide, described as ranging “from the sublime to the ridiculous.” These vague […]

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Which Chicken Breeds Make the Best Broody Hens?

Broody Hen

Some chicken breeds make great broody hens. Others are iffy. Still others are completely unreliable. And some never go broody at all.   What does broody mean and why does it matter? Broodiness, in a nutshell, is maternal instinct. After a hen has accumulated a nestful of eggs, maternal instinct tells her to keep the […]

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Got Chicks®! Now What? 8 Chicken Facts That Surprise First Time Owners

Got Chicks

So, you finally did it. You went out and got chicks®. Now what? Here are eight facts about baby chicks that commonly surprise first time owners. Chicks make dust. Brooding baby poultry of any type generates a lot of fine dust, so locate your brooder where dust won’t be a problem. Your living room or […]

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