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Olive Egger Chickens: 6 Questions Answered

Olive Eggs

Chicken eggs in the United States were once available in two basic shell colors — unimaginative white and traditional farmstead brown. Along with the ongoing boom in backyard chicken flocks comes an interest in eggs with shells in a wider array of colors, including pink, blue and green. One of the most startling colors is […]

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8 Things to Know Before Building a Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Before a box full of peepers arrives, it is imperative to have a plan for a chicken coop. Chicks that have recently graduated from the brooder should have a coop to call home, and not be left homeless. Ideally, the coop will be prepared and ready for move-in long before the babies arrive.   Chickens, […]

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How to Trim a Rooster’s Spurs — and How Not To

Rooster Spur

A chicken’s spur is an outgrowth of the leg bone, consisting of soft tissue covered with a protective sheath made of the same tough keratinous material that makes up the chicken’s claws and beak. The spur starts out as a little bony bump. As the chicken matures, the spur grows longer, curves, hardens and develops […]

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The Little Red Hen that Sailed Around the World

Monique hen who sailed world book

Frenchman Guirec Soudée is sailing around the world with a crew of one — a Rhode Island Red hen named Monique. “I knew I wanted to sail alone, for sure, but I wanted a pet. I thought a chicken would be brilliant, because I could have fresh eggs at sea,” Guerec told The Guardian. “I […]

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