“Chicken People” Documentary Gets a Theatrical Release

“Chicken People” Documentary Gets a Theatrical Release

As you might expect, show chicken breeders tend to be an eccentric bunch of folks who are passionate about breeding perfect poultry. Until recently, however, the relatively small world of show chicken breeding hasn’t had much time in the limelight. Thanks to a documentary produced by CMT however, that’s about to change. It’s called Chicken People, and it offers viewers a charming, interesting glimpse into the lives of some of America’s top chicken breeders.

The film follows a number of breeders and their chickens as they prepare to compete at the prestigious Ohio National Poultry Show. Critics have compared the documentary to a real-life version of “Best in Show,” Christopher Guest’s comedic take on dog shows.

“Not only are these chicken people/breeders passionate about their chickens, ‘Chicken People,’ at its heart, is a sweet and unique look into this type of competition that can be enjoyed with the whole family,” said Peter Goldwyn of Samuel Goldwyn Films in an interview.

The film premiered at the 2016 South by Southwest Film Festival and was warmly received by audiences and critics alike. Now, it’s slated for a North American theatrical release in late summer. It will be the first theatrical run for a documentary from CMT.

Whether you’re an avid poultry enthusiast or just a curious moviegoer, Chicken People promises to be a fun and informative portrayal of poultry breeders and the chickens they love. Keep an eye out for it in your local theaters, and let us know what you think!

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